And Another Thing…

I grew up in a town that had a population of less than 5,000.  I’ll be the first to admit that I had a great childhood – I played outdoors a lot, explored the woods, had lots of friends around, and the town was small enough for me to walk around safely.  But there is one thing that my hometown was lacking:

Interesting food.

Not only was I from a small town, but my small town was on an island.  When it came to interesting food we had limited choices – Canadian, Italian or Chinese.  Pizza places were popular (although not very interesting) and Chinese places were the closest we got to having food that was ‘different’.  Mexican was only ever eaten when we bought those taco kits at the grocery store.  Hell, I still remember how groundbreaking it was when we finally got a Subway.

This may explain why  I don’t mind trying new food.  I will be cautious, but I won’t be boring.  I’ve eaten mystery meat in Africa, I’m sad I never got to try frog’s legs in France, and I’ve eaten my way through most of the downtown sushi restaurants in Halifax.

So this is another thing I like about Halifax: the food.

On Argyle Street alone we have a Scottish pub, a Sushi restaurant, a French bistro, a Greek restaurant, an Irish pub, and a Brazilian/Portuguese restaurant.  This doesn’t even include the Lebanese, Caribbean, Vietnamese or Thai places that are within walking distance of Argyle.

And the best part?  Most of these places are absolutely amazing to eat at.

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