I’m Tempting the Travel Gods By Posting This…

I’m not usually a lucky person.  I rarely win prizes at birthday parties (those games are rigged, I swear), I don’t usually win at the lottery (and when I do, it’s not a lot, so I don’t play often), and I’m often in the wrong place/wrong time or just too damn dumb to realize that I missed an awesome opportunity.

But in one respect I think I’m kind of lucky.  So, here it is – Confession Time.  The airlines have never lost my luggage.  Knock on wood/throw salt over my left shoulder/anything else to beg forgiveness for my bragging.

The airlines did once take their sweet time getting my luggage off the plane, but it’s never been “lost” or “misplaced” or “left behind”.  Part of this is probably due to the fact that I love direct flights.  In my mind direct flights mean that there’s less of a chance of your luggage will be lost as they transition from one plane to another.  I also don’t have very heavy luggage (I limit my book-buying), so that might be another reason for it not being left behind (because it’s weight won’t drag the plane down).  Or maybe I conveniently forgot about that deal I made with the Travel Gods (sacrifices may or may not have been involved).

Despite this, I know the tricks of the trade.  Put medication/deodorant/important things in your carry-on.  Carry a couple extras in your carry-on (underwear, extra shirt, etc), so that if you’re without clothes for a day or so you’ll be relatively okay.  Maybe the reason I haven’t had my luggage lost is because I’ve been prepared.  The day I’m unprepared is the day that all hell will break loose.

For now, though, I’m currently hooked on something else – the experience of carry-on only.  In January I flew to New York and I took two carry-ons and nothing else.  Let me tell you, it was wonderful.  When the plane landed, I took my suitcase out of the overhead compartment, walked off the plane and straight to my next location.  This saved me so much time and worry.  No standing near the luggage conveyor belt like a schmuck (not that you guys who check luggage are schmucks).  I just went straight ahead to my next destination. 

Even better, it was one of those rolly-bags that make you feel all sophisticated and business-like.  Much easier than carrying around a huge backpack (especially since I’m kind-of a wimp and those things get heavy).

This may pose problems (you can’t take that much clothes), but it also helps my impulse buying (no souvenirs unless I really want them).  And, when I do another Europe fly-by, I’ll know that I’m saving time by not waiting.  I’ll also be able to roll my suitcase instead of carrying it (small victories, baby).

Because if you’ve spent over an hour waiting for your luggage to get off the plane and get on that conveyor belt (at Stanstead Airport, flying in from Belgium), you’ll be very happy if that never happens again.

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