The Pumpkin People Will Eat Us All

Don’t laugh.  It could happen.

While on my way to Gaspereau Press’ Wayzgoose this past Saturday, I passed by a lot of strange things.  They were pumpkins, but made to look like people.  It was as if someone made a ton of scarecrows and then decided to put pumpking heads on them all, you know, to be festive and stuff.

The Pumpkin People are coming for you (image from

Apparently, this is a thing.  A big thing.

Kentville has a harvest festival in the fall and they are home to a Pumpkin People Festival.  The theme this year is Pixar movies, which would explain why we saw a lot of Monsters Inc. characters (particularly Mike).  The Pixar theme actually helps take the edge off the large groups of pumpkin people that are all over town, constantly watching you, just waiting for you to go to sleep so that they can awaken, sneak up on you, cut open your head and scoop out your brain (I’m pretty certain that they’d do this, not to eat the brains, but as an ironic revenge).

But horror visions aside, some of the displays are pretty cool.  They use colour and props to make these characters, and some of them are spot on.  It makes a drive/walk through town a hell of a lot more interesting, at the least.

Monster Pumpkin People (image from

Until they all wake up and kill us, that is.

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