The Coldest Place in All of London

It’s Liverpool Street Station.

I bet you thought I’d say something witty, but I didn’t.  It’s true, Liverpool Street Station is the coldest place in London (London meaning all the places I went to while I was there and not the actual full London, which may very well have a colder place – a meat locker perhaps).

Since our campus was close to the Train Station, I always travelled to London by train, which always had its final stop at Liverpool Street Station.  It was very convenient, since it was also a subway stop for the Circle Line.  I always enjoyed looking up at the big board, which would always clack around as the times and trains changed.  Looking for “Old Harlow” not “Harlow”, and hoping that the last train to our station had not yet left.

The Board of Train DOOOOM! (Just Kidding)

I have a lot of memories of that train station: eating McFlurries at the MacDonalds just outside the entrance (the only place with a non-pay bathrooms); using the pay bathrooms for 20p (which, giggling aside, were quite clean); the flower stands; the bookstores; the bread and sandwich shop…

Liverpool Street Station was our entrance into London and man was it every cold.  At least it made the January air of London seem warm by example.

When I went back to London 7 years later I went to Liverpool Street Station and I was sad to see that they’d upgraded the train board.  Everything seems strange and new (of course, 7 whole years had passed).  But things change and new things come in and life goes on.  At least the train still stops there.

The New Train Board. Of DOOOOM!! (again, just kidding)

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