Running Around Belgium

This is a story about how interesting things happen to the people around me, and then I get to tag along (which is totally a win).

While we were studying in England we had a “winter break”, which was one week for us to do whatever we wanted.  Some people stayed in England, some travelled to Scotland, Spain, the Canary Islands, etc.  I was planning on staying in London and seeing more theatre when a friend invited me join her in Belgium.  Originally another friend was going with her, but a change of plans later I was invited to take her place. 


My friend had studied on exchanged in Belgium for a year back in high school, so she wanted to go back and visit her old friends.  Despite my (almost complete) lack of French, I went along for the ride.  We flew in and then took the train (another train!) to Verviers, where there was a party. 

We stayed a few nights in Verviers, then moved on to Theux.  We also travelled to Brussels, Bruges, Spa, Liege and Malmedy.  I’ve officially been to more cities in Belgium than provinces in Canada.

The trains make all the traveling easier.
The trains make all the traveling easier.

I’ll go into detail about some of those places later, but for now here are a few reflections on my time in Belgium:

The trains in Belgium are awesome.  We travelled almost exclusively by train, since the trains were readily accessible and cheap for students.  Not only were there old-timey trains, but modern double-decker trains.

I love having chocolate for breakfast.  Don’t let the supermarkets over here fool you – in Belgium they had a Special K with chocolate curls that was exactly what it said (Special K with curls of chocolate).  The stuff they have over here with the crazy flakes and chocolate chunks and other add-ins is sorely lacking in awesome.  A bowl of that with a slice of healthy bread avec Nutella was a great way to start the day.

I really need to learn French. The people we met were lovely and delightful and patient, and I owe it to them.  Oui, c’est vrai.

More to follow…

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