Photography Hits and Misses

We had 1 goal for our drive to New York – to photograph all the “Welcome To” signs for all the states we passed through. 

We failed horribly.

Starting in Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada, if you need more help), we drove through Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.  In a 12 hour drive we passed through 6 states.  In Canada you’d maybe hit 2 or 3 provinces in that time.  Hell, it would probably take that long to drive from St. John’s to St. Anthony, and you’d never once leave Newfoundland.

I blame our missing the “Welcome To Maine” sign on the fact that we were so amused by the border crossing guard.  He had no problem letting us into Maine as long as we assured him multiple times that we would not get jobs.  We could have been smuggling drugs (which we weren’t), but all he cared about was our alleged job-hunting.

After making it through customs (and past the sign) we thought it best not to reverse the car and take a picture of the “Welcome to Maine” sign, lest it look suspicious. 

When we breezed past the New Hampshire sign we quickly realized that this goal was not going to happen.  So we came up with a solution: 

Just as good.
Just as good.

And then we laughed, because for sure we wouldn’t miss another “Welcome To Sign”.

Yeah, you’re all ahead of me by now, aren’t you.

We crossed out the past states, because each state needed it's own welcome
We crossed out the previous states, because each state needed its own welcome.

[Don’t judge us for not knowing how to spell Connecticut.  I can barely spell Saskatchewan.]

So yes, we utterly and completely failed to photograph those signs, but in my opinion we came up with a solution that was much more awesome.

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