Hobbling Around the Big Apple, Part 1

As you all know from my previous posts, I was crippled by New York City.  After spending my second day in “NYC” in my hotel room in New Jersey, I decided that I was going to see the big city – crutches be damned!

It helped that my morphine hangover had ended (it was miserable – I officially do not understand people addicted to morphine, yuk), and that my knee wasn’t feeling much pain (once the kneecap was back in place the pain pretty much stopped).  My biggest worry was that the darn thing would slip out again and I’d have a repeat of what happened at the theatre.

Still, I did not come to New York to lie in bed and watch movies all day on TBS.

So on my “third day in NYC”, armed with Motrin IB, a sturdy knee brace, and a crutch I headed out into the city.  (My sister had purchased these items for me on the previous day.  She had also brought back buns from Red Lobster – yes, I missed Red Lobster – but I was too ill to eat them – again, I hate morphine.) 

Approximately 36 hours after my kneecap tried to make a run for it, this is what I did in New York:

  • the NBC Studio Tour
  • the Rockfeller Centre Walking Tour
  • Top of the Rock
  • caught an off-Broadway show

I know what you’re thinking and yes, I did 2 walking tours while recovering from a dislocated kneecap.  That’s pretty hardcore, right?

[Note: I didn’t take a lot of photos, but that’s because it’s hard to snap pictures when you’re trying to keep your purse, crutch, and self from falling.  Enjoy the pictures I did manage to take!]

The NBC Studio tour was our first stop and I honestly don’t remember much about it.  This may have been because I was keeping a watchful eye out for Conan O’Brien (who we never saw *insert sad face*).  Also, I was a little upset that I couldn’t partake in the interactive news report at the end of the tour.  I really, really, really wanted to be the weathergirl (before this trip I’d watched “The Weatherman” and I wanted to “Nick Cage” the weather report), but I felt weird doing that with a crutch proping me up, so I didn’t volunteer. 

NYC's "The Rock"
NYC’s “The Rock”. This photo would have been so much better if I hadn’t been crippled.

The Rockefeller Walking Tour was more memorable.  As a self-professed geek I liked hearing about the construction and all the hidden meanings in the artwork/stonework of Rockefeller Centre.  Of course, the woman leading the tour was way too concerned with my ability to keep up.  I told her to just go at her normal pace and I’d manage, but she didn’t believe me.  It turns out that I was able to keep up fine – it was my sister who kept getting left behind because she was snapping a hundred photos.  Tip: it’s best to do the tour on a clear day, because you spend a lot of time outside.

Prometheus with his fire, near a waterfall (counterproductive much?)
Prometheus with his fire, near a waterfall (counterproductive much?)

We went to the Top of the Rock after that because we’d heard that it was easier to get into than the Empire State Building, and that you could get really good shots of the ESB from TOTR.  And indeed we got to the top with almost no wait.  Despite the plastic (or whatever it’s made of) walls surrounding the observation area (which can cause reflections in photos), it’s a great view.  And yes, you can get really good shots of the ESB.  The Chrystler Buildling, not so much.

Central Park!
Central Park!
This is what I mean about reflections getting in the way. Also, the Chrystler Building is the tiny spike in the middle (being hidden by the MetLife building)
This is what I mean about reflections getting in the way. Also, the Chrystler Building is the tiny spike in the middle (being hidden by the MetLife building)

After all that it was time for supper and then a show.  Sis and I debated between 2 shows, but in the end the cheaper one won out.  Truthfully, I’m glad we went to the show we did.  The theatre was nice, had a lobby we could hang out in, and it had an appropriate number of bathrooms.  So, what show did we see?

Altar Boyz.  It was at New World Stages (which I’d end up visiting again).  The shows are usually hilarious and at a decent price.  This show was great (espeically since my sister and I have the same sense of humour about things, like religion), and the songs were catchy and funny.  [*Spoiler Alert*  One of the guys brings a girl up on stage and sings about how much she makes him “want to wait”.  How is that not hilarious?] 

After the show we high-tailed it back to Times Square to catch the very last shuttle to the hotel.  Taking cabs back each night was getting expensive.  Even though I was crippled, we made it in time to catch the shuttle.  I guess New York was finally showing me a bit of love…

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