And Let’s Not Forget About New Jersey

Side Note: Holy crap, I’ve reached 50 posts!  50!  That’s, like, the equivalent of 1 post per week for almost a year!  (Hmmm… maybe I should be more excited about my 52nd post?)

I should mention that New Jersey played a part in my first trip to New York City.  While I personally don’t have anything against New Jersey, the love/hate relationship between it and New York is hilarious (kind of like the love/hate relationship between Toronto and the rest of Canada).

Yup, random pictures of license plates...  I'm an artist, darn it!
Yup, random pictures of license plates… I’m an artist, darn it!

The place we stayed at was in Bergen, NJ.  The hotel was nice (other than the view of discarded toilets from our windows – let’s just assume that they were remodeling), but it wasn’t exactly the closest to Manhattan.  There were a few shuttles that went from the hotel into NYC, but they were in the morning and evenings only.  If you wanted to see a Broadway show (which could be up to 3 hours long), you’d most certainly miss the last shuttle and have to bus or cab it back to the hotel.

[Which reminds me, that was another reason Sis and I saw “Altar Boyz”, because it was shorter than the other show, giving us the chance to catch the shuttle.  I guess sometimes my memory just needs a little prodding to get working.]

But the real big thing about New Jersey is that one our way home we detoured to Red Bank, NJ to visit … Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash!  As a fan of the Kevin Smith movies (yes, I even like Jersey Girl) this was one of the best comic book stores I’d ever been in.  There was a lot of memorabilia from the “Clerks” universe.  I even bought a Mooby the Golden Calf to worship as a souvenir. 

Mooby rides along to his new home in Canada

Outside of the “Kevin Smith Movie Memorabilia” it was still a great comic book store.  They had back issues of comics that were grouped together into story arcs (so you could buy a complete arc at one time) plus lots of other comics.  There’s nothing better than a comic book store that’s run by comic geeks.

After exploring the shop it was time to head home.  So we may not have spent the most time in New Jersey, I’ve had no complaints so far.  After all, it wasn’t New Jersey’s fault that I dislocated my kneecap. 

…Or was it?

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