Games People Play – On Road Trips

When you’re road tripping with people you have to do something to keep yourself from going crazy.  12 hours of travel with people you’ve just met and/or people you’ve known for a while can be daunting – especially when you’re all crammed together in a car.  Some people crave to be entertained, some people want to be left alone, and some people just want the damn directions so that they don’t drive into the wrong state.

In order to keep the sanity levels high enough here a few things you can do on a road trip either alone or as a group:

Play the “License Plate” game.  Not the most glamorous of things to do, but it’s a lot more fun and challenging when you’re in the states (with only 13 Provinces & Territories the Canadian game is much less exciting).  Also, seeing the elusive Delaware plate is cause for celebration!  Seeing a Hawaii plate would probably be a sign of the upcoming apocalypse.

Play the “Let’s Try to Name All the States” game.  You should probably do this before playing the license plate game – or you can do it in tandem (just in case you can’t remember them because, hey, you’re a Canadian after all).

Play the “Let’s Go Into This Random City” gameWarning: this game should only be played if everyone is on board and if you’re okay with wasting time trying to find your way out of said Random City. 

Play “Truck Leapfrog”.  This will only work if the driver of the truck you’re playing with is the kind of person who will speed up to pass you and then slow down once he’s in front.  Seriously, we passed the guy about 10 times.

And when all else fails, laugh about all the misunderstandings you’ve had on the road.  Examples include:

  • “Oh, you have to pay first and pump the gas second!”
  • That’s why she looked at me strangely when I asked for a Smarties McFlurry!”
Yup, I'm schooling you about Canadian candy.  Personally, this is one of my strengths.
Yup, I’m schooling you about Canadian candy. Personally, this is one of my strengths.

Trust me – there are bound to be some funny misunderstandings along the way.

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