Blue Jays and Yankees

Full Day #1 in NYC was action-packed.  Well, I use the word “action” a little loosely…  You can’t really describe a baseball game as “action-y”.  It’s not as full-contact as American Football, or as glitzy as Basketball (well, the highlights are glitzy), and it’s not as mind-boggling as Cricket. 

But watching a game in person is more exciting than watching a game on TV.  Besides, there are ways that you can make a game more interesting – even dangerous.

How do you make a baseball game dangerous?  Go to Yankee Stadium and cheer for the other team.  Seriously, I thought we were going to be killed – especially since the Blue Jays were kicking serious Yankee butt.

The Inagural year of the new Yankee Stadium.
The Inaugural year of the new Yankee Stadium

Sis and I were staying in a hotel in Long Island this time (close to a subway line), so every morning we’d wake up and get on the subway.  We decided to get to the field early so that we could watch practice.  Since it was the first year for the new stadium we weren’t sure if we were headed in the wrong direction, but then we saw some guys in Yankees outfits get on the train.  When in doubt – follow the guys in Yankees paraphernalia.

We had time to watch the pitchers warm up and get a few autographs from a couple pitchers.  Then it was time to buy some fries and soda (for a ridiculous price, but whatever) and hike up to our seats…

This is about half-filled - it got a lot fuller later.
Due to rampant peanut allergies you can now only buy cracker-jacks. And ice-cream, dippin’ dots, cotton candy, pretzels…

The game was quite fun.  Yankees fans booed every time a particular Jay came on the field (which we didn’t understand), about 84 pitchers were switched out over the course of the game (okay, maybe it was only 20, but that still seems like a lot), there were a lot of home runs, and we got to see disgruntled Yankees fans pack it up at the 7th inning, when the Jays were winning 7-3.

Suck it Yankees!
Suck it Yankees!

Yeah, the Jays choked in the later innings and let the Yankees score some runs, but we still won!  Go Canada!  Canada Rules!

Like I said, we were lucky we didn’t get beat up.

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