Like A Wallflower

[Update: still sick, but able to be upright and typing]

It was my sister’s idea to go to a Wallflowers concert while in New York.  I’d listened to their music when they first came out, but not recently.  Still, I liked their songs, so why not?

The best part about seeing a band that’s not wicked popular right now is that they tend to play smaller venues that are cozier and don’t require you to sit a million miles away from the stage (also, I’m done with mosh pits).

If I hadn't taken this picture I never would have remembered where they'd played.
If I hadn’t taken this picture I never would have remembered where they’d played.

We decided to head up to the balcony level so that we could avoid the crowds, have a railing to lean on, and still get good shots.  After some mind-boggling cartoons playing on a screen (which I’m positive included the clouds from “Rejected Cartoons”), we were treated to the opening act – Andy and the Electric Owls:

That owl was adorable.
That owl was adorable.

Then more strange cartoons before the opening act:

They still got it.
They still got it.

The funny thing is that Jakob really sounded like his father.  He admitted to mixing up the tempo (to keep himself on his toes), which – unfortunately – did nothing to help him when he forgot the lyrics to “One Headlight”.  It was fun how he started talking about the band members while he tried to remember the lyrics.  Of all the songs…

I know it sounds awful, but I love it when things go wrong and people manage to deal with it.  Even in theatre – if someone can cover a major flub you want to cheer for them.

So even though he forgot the lyrics, the band was solid, the music sounded great, and I got to listen to a band I never thought I’d see live. 

18 year old me would be freaking out.
18 year old me would be freaking out.


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