One Step Closer – The Statue of Liberty

[EDIT: Apologies for missing Monday – I was still fighting the plague.  I’m still pretty out of it, but finally on the mend.]

I have unfinished business with the Statue of Liberty. 

closer… closer…

On my first trip I got to watch her from the Staten Island Ferry.  On my second trip I made it to Liberty Island.  Closer, but no crown.

Yup, my goal is to go up into the crown.  It wasn’t open when we were there in 2009 and I didn’t want to walk all the way up to the “almost” top.  Crown or nothing! 

Quit taunting me with your pointy crown.
Quit taunting me with your pointy headpiece.

It can help to have goals when you go on vacation, to propel you to do things.  I still haven’t been to the top of the Statue of Liberty and I haven’t properly been to Central Park, but each time I go I get closer.  Having a goal to reach means that the next time I visit I have something that I should do, instead of just wandering aimlessly (although that rarely happens).  It also gives me a reason to go back.

Plus, I like looking at places from high up.  You really feel like a god up there.

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