Remembering What You’ve Forgotten

When I travel I try to keep a notebook on me at all times so that I can write down everything that happens.  The notebook becomes a messy collection of summaries, notes and names, but it helps jog my memory.  Even better than the notebook, though, was the fact that when I came back from NYC in 2009 I sat at my computer and wrote down more detailed notes. 

And guess who just found those notes!

It’s like hitting the memory jackpot for me.  Reading the notes reminds me of things that I had completely forgotten about, such as these 8 things:

  1. When my sister picked me up in Halifax she had a pita from Dimitri’s (in Fredericton) for me, and then we went to Momoya’s for sushi (in Halifax).  We’re very foody people.
  2. The restaurant of the Radisson in Providence had some of the worst service ever(although everyone outside of the restaurant was great).  The food was good, but we were ignored by the wait staff, even after we loudly talked about walking out without paying.  If you have to beg someone to let you pay them for a meal, something’s wrong.
  3. Driving away from Rhode Island we passed by a sign that said “Do Not Stop/Correctional Facility Area”.  About 5 minutes later we were caught in a traffic backup that caused us and other cars to stop for a few minutes before crawling ahead.  The set up was less than ideal.
  4. Our hotel’s address was 31-62 14th Street, Broadway.  After 20 minutes of driving around we realized that in Long Island just because the address says 14th Street, it doesn’t mean that the hotel is on 14th Street.  It is, in fact, in a completely different area. 
  5. The Blue Jays guy that Yankees Fans kept booing was #30.  (I could research who that is, but I’m feeling lazy today.)
  6. The fries & drink (in a collector’s cup) that I bought at Yankee Stadium cost me $12.75.  Ridiculous when you compare it to Grey’s Papaya and their Recession Special, which was 2 hot dogs and a drink for $4.45.
  7. During the Wallflowers concert Jakob Dylan talked about when he’d played this room before and the air conditioner broke.  Someone in the crowd called out that he’s just hot, for which he thanked them. 
  8. The security for the boat to Liberty Island is scary (it’s reminiscent of Airport security), but we got through surprisingly fast.

It’s amusing anecdotes like these that make the trip more memorable.  They give you something out of the ordinary to talk about or fodder for stories.  Currently my only problem is remembering to remember…

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