Walking Politely Through The Guggenheim

When I visited the Guggenheim in NYC I had a tremendous urge to run around the place.  I can’t be the only one this happens to – the central design (by Frank Lloyd Wright) is perfect for a person to run from top to bottom.

It didn’t help that I’d seen The International before visiting.  If Clive Owen can run through the Guggenheim, I should be allowed!  I’d do a heck of a lot less damage.

The Guggenheim
The Solomon R. Guggenheim

I’d studied architecture in my Art History class in university.  I spent more time on the Guggenheim in Spain (which is designed like a boat) rather than the one in NYC, but this one definitely has its merits.

I like buildings with strange designs.  Rockefeller Centre is nice with its tapering, but the Guggenheim is fun – round and curved, the outside reflected on the inside…  I spent almost as much time admiring the shape of the building as I did what was inside.

Look up, look way up.
Look up, look way up.

Inside was a retrospective on Frank Lloyd Wright, along with the permanent collection.  It doesn’t take long to walk through the building and see everything (as long as you’re not stopping at every piece to muse about life, the universe, and everything).

You can only take pictures on the ground floor, which wasn’t a problem for me.  I only wanted pictures of the building itself.  This is one museum where I don’t care what the exhibits are – I just want to be inside.

I'm in!
No running allowed

It’s on the Museum Mile, so it’s super easy to get to.  Allow yourself to be distracted by the building itself, because it’ll do that.  I can’t really remember the artwork that was inside, but I’m sure it was great, too.

And don’t run around, because I’m pretty sure that’ll get you kicked out.

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