HIMYM and the City

Sometimes it can be fun to see a city through someone else’s eyes – even if that person isn’t real There are a lot of movies/tv shows/stories that are set in New York, and I will confess that I visit places because of what I’ve seen/read.  (I’m even considering doing a Neverwhere tour of London at some point.)

Since we were going to be in NYC for my sister’s **th birthday (number has been removed for my safety), we decided to make it a How I Met Your Mother Day. 

We began at the Empire State Building, where the gang went during Robin’s sister’s first trip to New York (2.12). I decided to make the trip more fun by reciting “Empire State Fun Facts” a la Ted Mosby.

Did you know that the ESB was originally a docking station for dirigibles?
Did you know that the ESB was originally a docking station for dirigibles (until it was deemed unsafe)?

After taking tons of pictures and satisfying my god-complex looking down on all the little people, we went to the NY Skyride (free with our NY Pass).  It was interesting, but I probably wouldn’t do it again  – even though I like Kevin Bacon, who narrated it.

From the ESB we moved to Madison Square Park for the “best” burger in New York City – from the episode where Marshall and friends travel all over the city looking for a legendary burger (4.2).  We’d heard that the burgers at “Shake Shack” were the best, so we decided to try them out for ourselves.

Beautiful Day = Lots of People in the Park
Beautiful Day = Lots of People in the Park

I don’t know if it was the waiting that made it so good, but those were damn tasty burgers. 

From there Sis and I went to our next destination – the premier for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince“.  I have my complaints about the set up of the premier (they didn’t block off the street so the fans were cordoned in on one side while the actors walked down the opposite sidewalk – sometimes being blocked by trucks or cabs with ads on the roof), but it was an interesting experience. 

There was a lot of this.
There was a lot of this.

I mostly just tried to make sure my sister had a good view, because it was her birthday and this was her idea.  A lot of my pictures turned out fuzzy, but she got some real good ones of Alan Rickman (which was her main concern).

What does this have to do with HIMYM?  Easy – after spending hours shoved up intimately against people I’d just met (who turned out to be really nice BTW), I decided that “attending Harry Potter premiers” was going on my Murtaugh List (4.19).  I’m definitely too old for this stuff.

The premier ended (well, all the stars went inside to watch the movie), we said goodbye to our new friends, and then Sis and I tapped into our inner Marshall and went looking for candy.

Found some!
Found some!

While it’s a very impressive store, there were no Smarties (of the Canadian variety).  Seriously USA, you’re missing out.

After only slightly spoiling our appetite we went for supper at McGee’s, the inspiration for the bar where all the HIMYM characters hang out – MacLaren’s.


Now that it was getting dark we went on our 2nd Architecture Adventure to The Top of The Rock.  We’d all ready gone last year, but that was during the day – we were now going to experience it at night.

It's like stars for the ground.
It’s like stars for the ground.

It’s a whole new city at night.  Instead of photographing the sky or the streets, now you want the lit up windows.  And, since you can see the Empire State Building, you can recite any fun facts that you have left over.

That being done, we headed back to our hotel in Long Island (which now ties in with HIMYM, 7.14).  The best part was that we’d purchased cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery for a night-time snack.

I like vanilla/vanilla the best.
I like vanilla/vanilla the best.

Thus referencing Victoria (1.16), and rounding out our day with one final HIMYM reference.

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