My First Rollercoaster – Coney Island

For me Coney Island will forever be associated with the movie “The Warriors(after my last post it should not surprise you that I’m a bit of a tv/movie-phile).  Our trip to Coney Island was probably almost as long as the one in the movie, but it was much easier.  Our decision to get on the F train and stay on until the end meant that we spent a good while on the subway.

Next time I'll try transferring - or a bus.
Next time I’ll try transferring – or a bus.

In case you can’t see, we started in the top right and ended bottom right, after travelling through most of lower Manhattan.  Coney Island is far away, y’all.

It was a beautiful day when we arrived – although we weren’t there for the beach.  We were there for… the Cyclone!

An actual rollercoaster!
An actual rollercoaster!

I’d never been on a real rollercoaster before (I don’t count the small rollercoaster at Crystal Palace in Moncton, New Brunswick).  I did go on a lot of carnival rides as a kid but they were nothing compared to this, and I have no shame in saying that my heart lept into my throat a couple of times.  Next time I go on a rollercoaster I will be using much more resolve.

After the rollercoaster we decided to take it easy with the Wonder Wheel.

Maybe we should have done this first...
Maybe we should have done this first…

You know, the Wonder Wheel – which is featured in parts of Cloverfield, along with other movies.  After the Cyclone it seemed so much tamer.

As I mentioned, it was a beautiful day, but we weren’t prepared to spend the day lying on the beach (maybe another time).  We moved away from Coney Island after those two rides, and headed on to other adventures.  We still had an action-packed day that included the Aquarium, The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, the Brooklyn Museum, Grimaldi’s, the MET and ice cream. 

Did I mention that we went a little crazy while we were in NYC?

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