Indulging Your Inner Foodie in New York City

This is post #69, so I thought it should be about indulgences.  Of course, when writing about New York I know that my main indulgence on this trip was… food.  Sis researched places to eat, spending just as much time on that as I did on what we were going to see.

Keeping in mind that this trip is now almost 4 years old (and these places are still around, hopefully in the same or better form), here’s where we ate!

The Popover Cafe
The Popover Cafe

Our decision to eat at the Popover Cafe was partly due to How I Met Your Mother.  They always brunched at the Popover Palace, and popovers sound delicious, darnit! 

My only warning is that the popovers are bigger than you think (if you think small).  We ordered 2 each, which was too much considering that we were also having an entrée each.  But the strawberry butter… oh the strawberry butter.  I don’t remember much about the rest of the meal, but the popovers with strawberry butter…


Caffe Palmero
Caffe Palmero

Back in 2008 we went to Caffe Palmero for cannoli.  In 2009 we went back again.  Sis and I ate dinner at another restaurant in Little Italy (Novella), but we came here for dessert.  The cannoli are really good, as are their other desserts.  The cannoli in Halifax is just not the same.

Grey's Papaya
Grey’s Papaya

Grey’s Papaya was the cheapest place we ate at, but also really delicious.  While I don’t normally eat hot dogs they were good and the drinks were fantastic – and cheap!  (and yes, there was another “HIMYM” reference for this place).

Grimaldi's Pizzeria
Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

There was all ready a line up for Grimaldi’s Pizzeria when we arrived in the late afternoon.  It was a shorter line up than we expected, but that’s why we showed up early.  The food was so good – we just had a simple pepperoni pizza, but the pepperoni was fantastic.  Compared to the pizza I’ve had in Halifax, I’d rather Grimaldi’s any day.  It was also fun to watch them make the pizzas while you waited.  Dinner and a show, anyone?

[Funny note: I acted in a play called “Tis Pity She’s A Whore” in 2010 and one of the characters names was Grimaldi.  Sadly, he did not make pizzas.]

Kodama Sushi
Kodama Sushi

We ate at Kodama Sushi after buying our tickets for “Avenue Q”, since it was right across the street from the theatre.  This one was a gamble, but it was really good.  I always enjoy gyoza, and their shiitake mushroom sushi did not have mayonnaise (something other sushi places use too much of).  Central to the Theatre District, healthy and good.

McGee's Pub
McGee’s Pub

I remember mentioning McGee’s Pub on the HIMYM day post (along with Shake Shack), but I don’t think I went into food detail.  Sis and I shared 2 entrees and, while I can’t remember the first entrée, I remember that they had a really good curry.

The Playwright Tavern
The Playwright Tavern

I may be addicted to Irish Pubs.  The Playwright Tavern is located near a lot of theatre, so we walked past it a few times before finally going in on our last night (the night of the rainstorm).  The menu items were named after playwrites and included quotes.  Of course, the night we were there they were showing a MMA fight on the TV screens.  

We had some typical pub fare while we waited for the rain to stop.  I even wrote a scene for a play.  Other than the super tiny bathrooms (I barely fit in the stall), it’s a nice enough place with a fun theme.


I don’t think I can go to New York without visiting Junior’s.  Sis and I always buy an assortment to share, so that we can try lots of stuff.  I remember liking their Strawberry cheesecake more than their Pineapple, and their Red Velvet Cake was so good.  I also love their Black & White Cookies (another New York staple I eat whenever I’m in the city).  I’ve only eaten an actual meal there once, during this trip.  Sis and I shared a huge chicken sandwich that was so tall that it had to be split in half.  The one sandwich was enough for the two of us.

(Logo courtsey of their website)

We went to the Bourbon Street Bar & Grill one day for some Cajun food.  I have to say that their food and their service was amazing.  I was never a big fan of shrimp until I had their Cajun Jambalaya.  Sis and I shared an appetizer and entrée, and when our entrée came out the waitress had split it into 2 servings so that we could each have our own plate.  Good food + good service = an amazing experience.

Mystery Ice Cream is the best
Mystery Ice Cream is the best

When Sis and I were going to the MET we passed by people who were eating ice cream out of Take-Out Boxes.  Instead of attacking them and demanding to know where they had bought said ice cream we walked past them, wishing that we had ice cream too.  Shortly thereafter we came across a chocolate store and decided to go inside.  Lo and behold there was ice cream at the back of the store – and not just any ice cream, Curry Ice Cream.  I got it on a whim and it was amazingly delicious.  Coconutty with a hint of curry…  I did not get the name of the place, I only know it’s between a subway station and the MET.  My next trip to NYC may be spent looking for this magical place…

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