Lions and Tigers and (Polar) Bears, Oh My!

[Yes, I’m aware I used this joke all ready for the Aquarium post.  It’s my blog and I’ll reuse jokes if I want to.]

The Bronx Zoo is huge.  On our last full day in NYC, Sis and I decided to go there to see some animals.  With the poor penguin turn-out at the Aquarium I was eager to see more penguins, and I thought that the Zoo could provide.

Turns out that I didn’t get to see any penguins at the Bronx Zoo because it was too darn big and there was too darn much for us to see in one go.  But I did get to see kitties…


We probably should have taken the tram ride around the zoo, but we wanted to walk.  We were close to most of the things we wanted to see – Lions, Tigers, Bears – and we didn’t know if we’d be able to get off the tram or if we’d have to stay on for the whole ride, eventually ending up back at the start.

Besides, just like the rest of our time in NYC, it was a beautiful day for a stroll.

We don't have these in the Canadian wild.
We don’t have these in the Canadian wild.
Or these...
Or these…
I did promise you a Polar Bear.
I did promise you a Polar Bear.
And a Tiger!
And a Tiger!

Since it was so hot outside, most of the animals were just chilling in the sun.  It was hard to get “good” picture of the animals, but a camouflage tiger is better than no tiger at all, right?  Besides, look at that face…

After wandering around the African wildlife section we saw some reptiles, and then went into the butterfly house.

They're such posers.
They’re such posers.

There were a lot of flowers and fruit for the butterflies to “eat”.  This was especially good for taking pictures, since they didn’t just flutter about all the time.  And they aren’t like bats that get tangled in your hair and make you freak out.

We could have used more time at the Zoo, but it was warm and we had other things to discover.

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