Why Buy? The New York Pass

If it hadn’t been for the New York Pass, I’m certain that my sister and I would have done less in NYC.  Not a lot less, but there would have been some things we’d have passed on – especially depending on price.

We were going to be in NYC for a week, so we decided to buy a week’s pass.  It was expensive, but there were a lot of things we wanted to do that the pass encompassed (do you see what I did there? do you wish you didn’t?).  Paying for everything individually would be a pain and would involve carrying a lot more cash (or using a lot more credit).  The pass meant that we could just flash a card and gain admittance.  In some cases we could totally jump the line, which was a bonus for the more touristy places that had big line ups (such as the Liberty Island Ferry).

We wanted to do a lot in NY and we did.  Yes, we didn’t get to spend as much time in some places as I would have liked, but we saw much more than any sane person should see.

Essentially we used our passes for:

  • The Empire State Building
  • The Empire State Building Skyride
  • Top Of The Rock
  • Liberty Island 
  • the Guggenheim
  • the MET
  • MOMA
  • Madame Tussaud’s (no pics, because they’re all on my sister’s camera)
  • Free ice cream at Dylan’s Candy Bar
  • 2 for 1 admission on the Wonder Wheel
  • The New York Aquarium
  • The Bronx Zoo
  • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
  • Brooklyn Museum

I’m pretty sure we saved money in the end (I’m too lazy to do the math right now, and we bought it during a deal), so it was great for us.

Have I ever bought the Pass again?  No, but my other trips have been much less crazy.  That pass was great for a first-round-see-everything kind of trip.  We were so late at the MET that we probably never would have paid to only get 30 minutes – but with the pass we didn’t care.

Is the Pass right for you?  I have no idea (I’ve never met you, after all).  But do the math – what do you want to see? how expensive is it all? would it be worth it? – and find out for yourself.

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