How To Walk In Berlin

I’m going to teach you a very important lesson about walking in Berlin.  Don’t laugh – this is a very serious lesson.  This lesson may just save your life (or save you from certain bodily harm).

Don’t walk on the RED sidewalk.

There are 2 sidewalks in Berlin – the BLUE sidewalk, which is for pedestrians, and the RED sidewalk, which is for bicyclists.  So, don’t walk on the RED sidewalk.

This is what my Sister and I had to learn – and it’s not a fun lesson to learn.  Learning usually involves dodging bikers as they come barreling past you on their bikes, almost getting hit a few times before you finally wise-up.  Berlin’s pretty flat, so a lot of people bike and they don’t expect people to walk on their sidewalk (or sidebike) even at the height of tourist season.

Other than that, walking in Berlin is quite lovely. 

The left side leads to certain death (photo courtsey of


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