First Class (For Part Of The Way)

I’ll admit that I can be picky about traveling.  When I look for a hotel I immediately disregard rooms that have shared toilets.  I also don’t look at hostels since I prefer having a room to myself that can be locked, so that I know my stuff is safe and secure (I may be a tiny bit paranoid).

Yeah, I can be a princess.  Of course, when it came to booking a train from Berlin to Vienna I didn’t care where my seat was.  I mean, trains are cool, so just to be on one was great.  But when my sister said that First Class wasn’t that much more expensive than regular class, I said hell yes.

I don’t know about the rest of the train, but the leg room we had in First Class was fantastic.  You could actually stretch out and relax.  It took real effort to kick the chair in front of you.

…of course the peace and quiet of the train was ruined in the Czech Republic when some guy came on board and proceeded to transcribe some stuff.  And he didn’t bother using earphones, like a considerate person, he played his recorder, stopped it, wrote something, played it again, stopped it again, wrote something again, etc, etc, etc for almost the entire Czech Republic.  And it was LOUD.

If The Everywherist had been on that train she’d have called him out for his Dick Move. (BTW, I love this blog.  I may be insanely jealous of her, but you can’t stay mad at a person who loves desserts that much).

Once we reached Vienna we were greeted by my Sister’s friend A, who promptly took us out for cake. 

I was liking Vienna all ready.

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