The Mystery Mountain

I’m going to tell you about the day we went up the mountain.  What was the name of the mountain?  I have no idea.  How did we get there?  Well, I know that at least 1 bus was involved and that there was possibly a second bus or a subway…

I’m pretty sure that the mountain was located in Vienna, but I could be wrong.  We did travel for a while…  We wanted to go up to the top, but I think we got off a stop early. Again, I’m not sure.  Maybe we were at the top all along.

Since I can’t tell you about the mountain itself, here’s something I can tell you about – the cafe at the top of the mountain!

…I just don’t remember what it was called…

I do, however, remember the entire experience.

The only cafe in the area was crowded.  The inside and outside seating were packed.  Finally the 3 of us came across two tables outside, at the very back of the cafe.  One table had a “Reserved” sign on it.  The other table did not, but it was a fancy table with an actual tablecloth and everything.  Since there was nobody sitting at the fancy table (and there was no “Reserved” sign), we decided to sit there.  After a few minutes a waiter came out and told us that the table we were seated at was reserved, and moved us to the other table – the table with the “Reserved” sign on it.

The reserved table was not reserved, but the unreserved table was.  Go figure.

Once that was over it was pretty smooth sailing.  We ordered cappuccinos with cream and still water.

I could still order this in German if need be.
I could still order this in German if need be.

The sugar was cubed instead of granulated, which made for awkward sugar placement.  Still good, though.

But the best part – the part that makes me wish I had copied down or took a picture of something that would help me locate this mountain – was the Apple Strudel.

The name on the napkin is not the name of the cafe - I've all ready checked.
The name on the napkin is not the name of the cafe – I’ve all ready checked.

Just looking at that picture makes me want to go back and get more.  Yes, I’d probably wander around for a long time before finally finding the place – but I have a suspicion that it’d be easier to find then the Anker Clock.

And before I go, here’s one of the pictures I took while not eating strudel:

I'm assuming that's Vienna down there.
I’m assuming that’s Vienna down there.

What a view.

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