Been There, Done That – Frankfurt

I’m in no big hurry to go back to Frankfurt.  I feel like I made good use of the time I had there (all 3 days).  I saw things, I did stuff, and (unless I’m going to visit a person who’s living/lived there and knows all of the cool places to go) I’m good.

No offense to Frankfurt.  I mean, I could think of things I’d like to see, but in my list of ‘Where I Want To Go’ it’s not in the top 10. 

Of course, there was that one restaurant…  But more on that later.

My sister and I did the “tourist-stuff” in an afternoon.  We walked past the Alte Oper (which opened in 1880 as the Frankfurt Opera House).  The building was destroyed by bombs in 1944, but it was rebuilt and reopened in 1981.  It’s now a concert hall with a cool fountain outside.  Not that I got to see the fountain in action… 

Just imagine it with water.
Just imagine it with water.

They were doing some work in the area so the fountain was shut off.  There was also a carnival/street festival thing happening in the area, so we didn’t spend much time there because children and clowns.

Next we went to Frankfurt Cathedral, which has a really cool organ:

"Nice pipes."
“Nice pipes.”

Someone was playing the organ when we walked in.  This was cool because most historic churches are full of silence and shuffling sight-seers. 

Also cool were the Roman ruins outside the church.

I think I used to know what this was...
I think I used to know what this was…

There are 3 different kinds of stone used in the walls, so you can tell exactly where each “settler” started building.  I think you can walk around it, but if not you can get pretty close to it.  There are also signs to help you understand what you’re seeing (which would be a lot more helpful than I am right now).

We walked past the Museum fur Moderne Kunst (the Museum of Modern Art), which is likened to a piece of cake because of its triangular shape.  If I made it back to Frankfurt I’d be sure to admire the inside of the building.

Imagine if it was really made out of cake...
Imagine if it was really made out of cake…

Then we were off to the Romer, which has been the city hall for the past 600 years.  We didn’t go inside, but we did get a good look at the cool facade:

A statue of Justice stands outside (on the right).
A statue of Justice stands outside (on the right).

We used the subway and walked, and the whole thing took about an afternoon.  The day was gorgeous, thankfully, and we got to stop for ice cream.  While there was nothing particular that knocked my socks off, it was nice.

Then again, there was that really good restaurant…

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