Why I Hate Tuesdays In Paris

Perhaps part of it is my fault – I assumed, after all.  I mean, most of my life had taught me one thing, so it was strange to come across an anomaly.  But we were in Paris, and things are weird in Paris…

We flew into the Beauvais-Tille Airport (about 45 mins outside of Paris by bus) late at night.  By the time we arrived in the city it was after 10pm, so there wasn’t much to do other than go to our hotel and sleep.

But the next morning we had plans.  We awoke early, took the subway into the central city & found brunch at a nice little cafe.

Word of Warning: be aware of the eat-in/take-out charges.  We looked at pastries in the cafe, doing the math in our heads.  Then we ordered drinks as well and – why not? – decided to eat in the cafe.

It was delightful until we received our bills.  For 2 pastries and 2 cappuccino it cost us 30 Euro.  For 2 pastries that we thought were 3 Euros each.  All because we sat in. 

Seriously – watch out for that.

But whatever – we were in Paris so we might as well make the best of it (even though my finances were running low, and we didn’t have a great grasp on the French language, so I thought every French person hated me).  Nonetheless, we walked on and were greeted by this sight:

Le Louvre (or is it La Louvre?)
Le Louvre (or is it La Louvre?)

Looks awfully lonely, right?  I mean, where were all the people?  Sure, my sister and I were there pretty early, but there should be more people around, right?

We walked up to the giant pyramid and saw the most disconcerting thing ever. 

“Open every day except Tuesday”


Not Monday – the theatre artist’s day of rest.  Not Sunday – the general day of rest.


What.  The.  Hell.

I had 1 day in Paris.  1 DAY!  My flight left early the next morning, so I wouldn’t have time to try again.  I had planned on killing at least 2 hours in that place, but it was closed because it was Tuesday?!

That's all I got to see of the Louvre - the OUTSIDE!
That’s all I got to see of the Louvre – the OUTSIDE!

Yes, maybe I should have done more research about the opening times of the Louvre, but who expects a museum to be closed on a Tuesday?


[Thus ends the rant portion of this blog.  Thanks guys, I needed to get that out there.]


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