Au Revoir!

[I just got back from New York last night.  For those of you who were aware of weather in NYC for the past weekend you all know that Friday’s weather was not beautiful at all.  It poured down rain all day.  The rest of the trip, however, had pretty darn good weather – just ask my sunburnt shoulders.]

By the end of this trip I was ready to go home.  Paris was nice, but I was done.  I was ready to sleep in my own bed, go back to using a closet (instead of living out of a suitcase), and make my own food.

Travelling is great, but there’s something about being able to go home that’s wonderful.

Besides, I was still a little sore about not being able to see the Louvre

I know I didn’t elaborate on a lot of Paris, but it was such a fly-by that there’s not much for me to say.  Someday maybe I’ll go back and actually go to the top of Notre Dame or the Arc de Triumph.  Someday maybe I’ll try frog’s legs.  Someday maybe I’ll get to go inside the damn Louvre.

But for now I’ll marvel at what I did see:

Do not adjust your country.
Do not adjust your country.

Yup – the Statue of Liberty.  Yes, I’m still in Paris, France.  This is a replica on the Pont de Grenelle.  This statue is facing the Statue of Liberty in New York, so if you stand behind it and look out you’ll be looking towards NYC. 

There are 4 replicas in Paris, but I only knew of one when I was there.  I find it cool that I’ve seen 2 Statue of Libertys.  I also like that they’re looking at each other across the Atlantic Ocean.  It make the world a little more connected.

But what about the Eiffel Tower?  Surely I didn’t go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower!  Well, I saw it and I photographed it.  I didn’t go up in it (something for another day, perhaps?), but I stood under it and admired it’s construction.

The weather might not have been the most beautiful, but it’s still an interesting structure, with all the girders and iron-work (I love me some good iron-work).  And not only did I get to see it in the day, but I got to go back at night when it’s all lit up and pretty.

Not a bad ending, really. 

and Night.
and Night.

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