Operation: Bath

[I mean “Bath” the city in London, not an actual bathtub.  I wish I’d been able to think of a different title…  darnnit…]

Tuesday is getting the blame again.  I don’t know why, but the European Tuesday seems to exist only to thwart me.  At least this time I was on to it and I was able to make adjustments and avoid being blind-sided.

It all started with a wish to go to the Doctor Who Exhibit in Cardiff.  Kristen and I were flying into London on Monday and had planned to travel to Cardiff that day and stay until Tuesday before going to Dublin.  We would visit the Exhibit on Tuesday.

Turns out that during April the Exhibit was closed on Tuesdays.  Freaking European Tuesdays…  Always check ahead, people.

So we did what any normal person would do.  We went to Bath!

The architecture of Bath.
The architecture of Bath.

Why Bath?  Why not?

If I remember correctly (and I might not – I might be making it up), Kristen really wanted to see the Roman Baths.  We’d discussed taking day trips to Bath and Stonehenge, and when we realized our error with Tuesdays I suggested that we spend a night in Bath before going to Cardiff.  Kristen was game!

I’m really glad we did, because Bath is super nice.  It’s a beautiful city, very relaxing.  I can see why every Jane Austin character decides to go to Bath at some point.

Strolling along the streets of Bath.
Strolling along the streets of Bath.

It might not be the busiest place ever, but it’s a great place for a visit.  Kristen and I tried to get lost during a stroll and failed horribly.  I don’t think you can get lost in downtown Bath.  Those “you are here” city maps they have everywhere are too helpful.

We joked about how everything is Bath is made of the same stone, and how if you tried to build a house of red brick you’d be booted out immediately.

Jane Austin House.  Those bricks looks awfully familiar.
Jane Austin House. Those bricks looks awfully familiar.

We didn’t have a lot of time in Bath so we only really saw the Roman Baths (more on that later), and put on our best dresses and grabbed our parasols and took a stroll around the city (well, maybe we didn’t dress up or have parasols, but we did stroll).

If I had to stay there for any extended period of time I’d be bored out of my skull, but a couple of days or a week would be nice – get out of the crazy, busy city and relax for a while.  Maybe read Persuasion under the shade of a nice tree, or write a novel in one of the cafes, or experiment with retail therapy (there are a lot of shops).

Sometimes a change can be a good thing.  Especially if you know about it in advance.

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