Proper Cream Tea In Bath

When I realized that we were going to Bath I had one thing on my mind – cream tea.  I’d all ready seen the Roman Baths, so I wasn’t as excited about them.  I also didn’t know much about Bath other than the Jane Austin connection (and since we would be there for less than 24 hours I didn’t want to reasearch too much).  However, one thing I know a lot about is food – and cream tea sounded delicious!

For those of you who don’t want to travel all the way to wikipedia:

“A cream tea … is tea taken with a combination of scones, clotted cream, and jam.”

It’s not something I’d eat every day, but this was my holiday and I wanted to try some clotted cream, dammit!

In Bath you have 2 good options for cream tea: 1) the Jane Austin Centre offers cream tea in their Regency Tea Room; 2) Sally Lunn’s offers cream tea with their traditional Sally Lunn Bunn.

Sally Lunn's.
Sally Lunn’s.

Kristen and I literally got off the train and walked to Sally Lunn’s.  We were tired and hungry and we were going to get us some cream tea.  Naturally we got lost (the red carriage wasn’t outside that day), but we found it soon enough.  They were also nice enough to let us leave our luggage in the foyer.

We both had the “Sally Lunn Cream Tea”, which is a bun with clotted cream and strawberry jam, and the House tea.  You have a choice of top or bottom buns, although we both had bottoms.  I would have liked to try the “Cornish Cream Tea” (scones instead of buns) or Queen Victoria’s Tea (lemon curd instead of strawberry jam), but one bun was enough.  Seriously – the buns were HUGE.

Cream tea bun at bottom, BLT bun at top. (photo from Sally Lunn’s official website)

We may have been exhausted, but we were very well-fed.

Due to our short stay, we never had the time to go to the Regency Tea Room to try their cream tea, but I (and my arteries) were satisfied with 1. 

Besides, I also bought some clotted cream fudge at a local candy store.  Because why not?

Not the kind I bought, but it’s an example. (photo curtsey of

(Note: I ate no more than 2 pieces of fudge a day, despite the temptation.  But it was very nice and creamy fudge.  I do hate it when fudge is tough and flakey.)

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