Can’t Stay Away: The Wales Millenium Stadium

I <3 this building.
I ❤ this building.

I don’t know why, but I love the Wales Milennium Centre.  Maybe it’s because I love the design.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s an arts venue with comedy, theatre, ballet, even the Nutcracker on Ice. 

[Maybe it’s the fact that I just looked at their website and I want to see EVERYTHING they have going on (well, most of it, anyway – War Horse; Wicked; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat; Priscilla Queen of the Desert; Ceder Lake Contemporary Ballet; a comedy show with Alan freakin’ Davies! – I’m so hooked on QI right now).]

Okay… Getting back on track now…

Whatever the reason, the Millennium Centre is really amazing.  The outside of the building is beautiful.  I’ve never set foot inside, but that’s only because I’ve been unlucky enough to visit when they’ve been between shows (or I’ve not had enough time to see a show).  They do tours, but I haven’t done that either.  Honestly, I’m afraid I’ll step inside and just become a jibbering moron (which is a very real possibility).

… And now I’m thinking that another trip to Cardiff is in the cards, just so I can do everything that I haven’t done – which I’m realizing is a long list.  Sorry I’ve dropped the ball on you, Cardiff.  I’ll make it up eventually.

When it comes to visiting the Wales Millennium Centre I mostly just stand outside the building, pretending that I’m part of the Torchwood team.

If you've seen Torchwood you'll know this is an empty photo.
If you’ve seen Torchwood you’ll know this is an empty photo.

Or I take copious pictures of the front of the Centre.

Approaching from the Bay Train Station.
Approaching from the Bay Train Station.

Or I marvel at the mirrored water fixture, since the last time I was there the water wasn’t on.

Fake rain!  (Thankfully there was no real rain at the moment)
Fake rain! (Thankfully there was no real rain at the moment)

Or I try to take artsy photos.

Gloomy & wonderful.
Gloomy & wonderful.

I have so many pictures of this building that I don’t even know what to do with them.  Maybe someday I’ll get a picture of the inside.

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