This Post Is Bigger On The Inside

As I mentioned earlier, the big reason why Kristen and I visited Cardiff was because we wanted to go to the Doctor Who Experience


Say what you will, if a handsome man in a suit asks me to travel through time and space with him, I’m going.  (After checking to make sure that he isn’t actually an escaped mental patient – hint: check the inside of the police box he’s traveling in.)

Say hello to my new wallpaper.
Say hello to my new wallpaper.

I won’t tell you anything about the experience, because I’m not ruining it for anyone.  I just know that there were many times when I had a super-goofy grin on my face.  I am such a dork.

Also (just like when I took the Keith’s Brewery Tour) there were times when I was the person to lead the crowd.  “Sure I’ll go through that doorway into god only knows what.  Sounds like fun!”

After the experience we were released into a room with some props/costumes/set pieces from the show.

That scarf looks familiar...
That scarf looks familiar…
The Tenth Doctor's TARDIS controls, with a video loop of Tennent-to-Smith.  Oh the feelings...
The Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS controls, with a video loop of Tennent-to-Smith. Oh the feelings…

They had the signature costume of all 11 doctors and other cool stuff – such as TARDISes (what is the plural of TARDIS?  Is there a plural for TARDIS?). 

The precious
The precious

Kristen and I spent some time there, wandering around.  We were a little disappointed by how little there was in the space (even if it did include 3 TARDIS interiors and 2 exteriors), but that was only until we walked up the stairs and realized that the downstairs was just the beginning.


Upstairs is a crazy/insane/fantastic/amazing collection of Doctor Who villains, set pieces, props, sketches, everything.  I took a lot of photos, and Kristen and I spent a long time wandering around looking at everything. 

After we had seen every bit of the exhibit, Kristen and I walked into the gift shop.  We’d all ready been there (we had time ro peruse before our tour started), so we knew what we wanted to buy.

There were pictures and drawings (and about twenty books) that I wanted to buy but they would not have fit into my luggage.  I really wanted an Adipose stress toy or the Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver and neither item was available, which made me sad (why is it always Eleven’s Sonic Screwdriver? Ten’s is much more elegant). 

I’m not going to show you many of my pictures because you should go for yourself (if you’re a Doctor Who fan).

Just don't open the Pandorica...
Just don’t open the Pandorica…

[Footnote: Who am I kidding?  I’ll probably do up a post later on that’s just pictures from the upstairs collection.  Not all the pictures – mind you – just some.  But I still won’t tell about the Experience.]

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