Bonus Post! All About Buskers

Every year Halifax hosts an International Busker Festival along the waterfront.  This year’s festival is taking place right now and runs until August 5th.

I’ve been to previous Busker Festivals (when I’ve not been travelling), and had a lot of fun.  In 2009 (in particular) there were some damn good acts, such as Dream State Circus, which featured fire and acrobatics (along with an adorable couple).

Fire pretty.
Fire pretty.

And then there was Flame Oz, which also did acrobatics and fire, but also illusion work with crystal balls.:

Still fire, still pretty.
Still fire, still pretty.

And one of my favorites was the English Gentlemen, who were adorable, acrobatic, funny, and had a very fun surprise during their shows.  Let’s just say it was good it wasn’t winter:

They do this all over the world.
They do this all over the world.

This year I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it, but today I had a few hours so I went with my friend Randi to see some shows. 

We saw an amazing magician named Charlie Caper, from Sweden, who was one of the most entertaining magicians I’ve ever seen.  I didn’t take any pictures because you shouldn’t ever take your eyes off a magician. And this guy’s slight of hand was damn good.

After that we watched Reuben DotDotDot (don’t ask about his actual last name).  He’s an acrobat who used to work with Cirque du Soleil.  He was also super entertaining, with his jokes about his 15 foot Chinese Pole (aka his 15 Pole of Insecurity).

It's held by volunteers - this guy is crazy.
It’s held by volunteers – this guy is crazy.

Both shows were fantastic.  A bit of set up time was required, but they were both great at keeping the crowd (including me and Randi) entertained. 

Then we walked along to see a fire hula-hooper, but after 10 minutes we weren’t really into the show.  So we decided to do the next best thing – find a patio and get a drink.  It was a nice break to sit on chairs that were comfortable and hide in the shade.

After that we walked back down to the waterfront to see more.

On our way back we caught the tail end of Lisa Lottie, who’s a contortionist and hula-hooper.  Those few minutes made us wish we’d seen the whole act, because she sounded like she had a great sense of humour.

Did I mention she does this while balancing?
Did I mention she does this while balancing?

Then we stuck around for Men In Coats, which is 2 men (usually in coats) who perform an act which is made up of sight gags set to music.  It’s pretty funny at times, although it wasn’t as funny as Charlie and Reuben.

Busk11While waiting for the Men In Coats to set up I noticed Silver Elvis hanging out on the Wave (a statue that kids always climb up, even though they’re not supposed to).  Somehow, it seemed only natural he should be there.

Striking a pose.
Striking a pose.

So go and check out some acts, if you have the time this weekend.  But be sure to bring your pocketbook.  These people only earn what the public gives them, and some of them are worth a lot.

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