Summer Interruption – 2/3

My second interruption is brought to you by The Atlantic Film Festival’s Summer of Spielberg

For the past 12 years the AFF has screened movies outdoors on the Halifax Waterfront (or somewhere in Halifax/Dartmouth).  They used to screen on the side of a building, but that building was demolished and now they use an inflatible screen. 

Just wait until it gets dark...
Just wait until it gets dark…

This year they’ve got a sponsor so it’s free to attend!  They’ve got popcorn and drinks on sale (with all the proceeds going to the AFF).  The best part is that nobody frowns if you bring your own food or drink.

You can bring a blanket (make it a thick one – sitting on the boardwalk for 2+ hours can make your butt go numb), or a folding chair.  A lot more people have started bringing chairs, so if you want to lie down on a blanket get there early and get close to the screen.

A few weeks ago I went to the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with some friends. 

Worst. Screencapture. Ever.
Worst. Screencapture. Ever.

It was pretty epic to see a film like that on the “big screen”, outside with a lot of other people.  Even the occasional passing Party Board didn’t bother us.

In previous years I’ve seen “Peter Pan“, “Pulp Fiction“, and a couple others I can’t remember.  They’ve started going with theme years (the last couple of years have been Bill Murry and Johnny Depp movies), which makes it fun and less random.

As far as I know, the last movie is this Friday (Aug 23 – it’s a people’s choice), although “Catch Me If You Can” has a TBD for it’s date, since it was bumped for “Jaws”.  That’s what happens when it rains all weekend – schedules get messed up.  But who knows, maybe we’ll get an extra weekend out of it.

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