Summer Interruption – 3/3

My last interruption is brought to you by something that I’m fascinated by, yet don’t have the patience for:


It began many years ago, when I read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (a trilogy in 5 parts).  There was a mention of cricket and the ashes in Life, The Universe and Everything, along with the planet Krikket (spoilers!).

This curiosity culminated one night in a Scottish Pub on Argyle Street.  I was meeting my friend (Randi) after work, so that we could do trivia at the pub (our team name was “Think Tanked”).

I was running late and she somehow ended up being joined by 2 Englishmen (of the middle-aged).  They were submarine salesmen (or submarine parts – something to do with submarines) who were in Halifax before travelling to Vancouver, and they were awesome!  They ate their burgers with a knife and fork, cutting them in half (a move I’ve since adopted for large burgers).  They helped Randi with the first round of trivia while I was absent.

They even tried to explain Cricket to us.

I say “tried” because I still don’t get it.  It’s a tough game to understand, y’all.  Basically I’ve learned that the big rule is that “it depends”.  How many points do you get for that hit?  Well, it depends…  Whose turn is it at bat?  Well, it depends…

The explaining was the best part.  It took us quite a while, even after trivia had finished.  They even tried to draw a diagram on a napkin (I think Randi still has that napkin somewhere).  It was an amazing night, to say the least.

So imagine my surprise when I was walking along The Commons one day, heading to the Superstore to get my groceries, and I see this:

I can't believe my eyes...
I can’t believe my eyes…

Teams playing Cricket.  For reals.  Every Sunday they play on the Commons – team Red-Shirts, Blue-Shirts and Yellow-Shirts (I’m sure that’s what their team names are).  I’ve yet to watch an entire match (I think they can last days, which is a big committment), but I’ve paused on occasion to watch.

So yes, Halifax has Cricket every Sunday (I’m assuming it’s weather providing) at the Commons, and it is awesome.  (How many more times can I use the word “awesome”? let’s see – awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome).

They even have a standing reservation.
They even have a standing reservation.

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