Dunluce Castle

Since Monday was Labour Day, I decided to take a holiday and not to do any labour.  [It’s not like I forgot about it being Monday and forgot to put up a post – no, this was a completely conscious decision.]

So I’m back at it today with some info about Dunluce Castle.

Well, Dunluce Castle Ruins...
Well, Dunluce Castle Ruins…

This medieval castle is located in Northern Ireland, close to the Giant’s Causeway.  It’s not on flat land and (as you can sort-of see in the picture) there’s a small bridge that connects it to the mainland.  I imagine that this castle was particularly difficult to lay siege to.

In 2011 “the lost town of Dunluce” was partially discovered near the castle (about 5% of the town – an estimation).  The town was said to be destroyed during the Irish Uprising of 1641, which may have happened because of the castle Lord’s allegiance to the British (that last bit’s speculation on my part: once I get my time machine up and running – or bump into a Time Lord – I’ll get the real skinny).

The castle remained inhabited until one day when the kitchen – complete with staff – fell into the sea.  Only 1 person survived: a kitchen boy who was in a corner – the only area that didn’t collapse.  After that, people started refusing to live in the castle, and really who can blame them?

You can now visit Dunluce Castle for £5 (Adults).  I’m not sure how much of the actual ruins you can see, but it’s a castle and it’s cheap (especially compared to non-ruined Scottish castles).  Our tour bus didn’t stop at the actual site, so we only got to see it in a drive-by, but after doing all this research I’d love to take a closer look.

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