Things We Didn’t Do In Edinburgh

[1 Thing we did do: Walk. Uphill. A lot. Edinburgh is not very flat.]

Even though we would only be in Edinburgh for 2.5 days (and 1 of those days we’d be on an out-of-town tour), I researched the hell out of it.  These are some of the things I wish I’d been able to see:

1) The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The brightest shop downtown.
The brightest shop downtown.

We didn’t see the Fringe because we were in the city in April, not August.  I’d love to go back in August and see what a non-Halifax Fringe is like.  We did take a look inside the shop, since it was open.  I would have bought a t-shirt, but the design I wanted was only available in children’s sizes.

[Side Note: the Atlantic Fringe Festival is happening now in Halifax until Sept 8 – if you’re in the city check it out!]

2) Calton Hill

As seen from a distance.
As seen from a distance.

Full disclosure – I had no idea what this was.  It was on the “New” side of town and we were staying on the “old” side, so we didn’t get the chance to nonchalantely drop by and check it out.  There’s an unfinished monument (the “National Monument”, which is the monument that looks like Greek Ruins), the Nelson Monument, and on April 30 & May 1 it’s the site of the Beltane Fire Festival.  We were in the city about 10 days too early for that one.  Timing, people, it’s important!

3) The Scott Monument


When a friend found out that I didn’t climb up the Scott Monument (there are 278 stairs to the top), she was insistent that I go back and do it.  Next time I will.  The monument itself is Gothic-style and has character-statues carved along it.  The view from the top is supposed to be awesome, and you can learn more about Sir Walter Scott (if you like that sort of thing).


There are a lot more things I didn’t see in Edinburgh, but these are 3 that I’d love to go back for.  Anyone have any more suggestions?

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