Once More Around The Sun

This day is monumentous for 2 reasons:

  1. This blog is now 1 year old!
  2. It’s my birthday!

I’m not sure what I meant to accomplish with this blog.  It can be tough sometimes to travel (especially if you’re an introvert), but it can be very rewarding.  And it’s even more rewarding to know that people out there are reading the stuff you’ve written.

The best part is that even though there were a few slip-ups along the way, there have been no forfeits.  1 year and only a handful of missed posts – that’s quite an accomplishment for me!  Let’s see if I can do better next year.

So, happy birthday blog, happy birthday me; everyone go have a slice of cake (or pie, or whatever your choice celebratory dessert is)!

And remember, even if the Louvre is closed on a Tuesday, at least the downstairs is deserted enough for you to get a really nice picture of an inverted pyramid:

Closed Louvre = Almost Empty Louvre
Closed Louvre = Almost Empty Louvre

Bright side?  I’ve got it.

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