Outside The Glengoyne Distillery

The last stop on our Scottish Day Tour was the Glengoyne Distillery.  Since Kristen and I do not like whiskey we opted out of the tour and instead wandered around the grounds of the distillery. 

The "backyard"
The “backyard”

They have a waterfall in their backyard, and the water goes through the distillery.  They probably use the water for their whiskey (in which case, they probably frown upon people swimming in the water).  As we didn’t go on the tour this is all speculation – but isn’t it cool speculation?

Another warning sign!
Another warning sign!
Looking back at the main house.
Looking back at the main house.

I didn’t do the tour, but I learned that whiskey is matured in barrels that were used to mature Sherry.  Those barrels are shipped over from France (or somewhere – pretty sure France), and are only used once (I think).  

If you want to learn the actual history of whiskey, go take a tour.  I’ll be over here drinking my beer/wine.

Note: I do like whiskey sours, but with the actual sour mix, not that stupid lime substitute.

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