Platform 9 3/4 – Not Muggle Friendly

One of the exciting things about our train ride from Edinburgh to London (other than us being on a train!) was that we were arriving at King’s Cross Station.

I know, I know – first you had to put up with Doctor Who and Torchwood references and now I’m throwing Harry Potter references at you.  Is this a travel blog or a geek blog?  [Actually, it might as well be both, plus a food blog.]  Just be glad I haven’t found a reason to reference Batman yet (although Burn Gorman is in The Dark Knight Rises, which made me very happy – and he’s also in Pacific Rim!).

Here, have a Scottish TARDIS, just for good measure.
Here, have a Scottish TARDIS, just for good measure.

Anyways, Kristen and I had time before her friend (Matt) was meeting us at the Train Station, so we decided to look for Platform 9 ¾.

In grand tradition of this trip, we had trouble finding it[A locator spell would have been helpful at this point…]

To be fair, we had no idea what we were looking for.  We knew that there was a Harry Potter shop near it, but we didn’t know exactly where.  We didn’t know if there’d just be a wall with half a cart sticking out of it, ignored by most people (or, in our case, being blocked by a large crowd of people).

We found it on our second pass, when we decided to go up to the top level where there were stores and restaurants.  We actually had to go on the internet to find the location (shame, shame), but at least we found it in the end. 

The store has sort-of taken over the area, but they’ve organized all the people who want pictures into a line-up, and they have scarves from each house that you can wear in your picture.  They have someone with a camera to take a picture of you, which you can purchase from the store, but you can also have your friend take pictures (that you won’t have to pay for).

The store is a little pricier than other places that stock Harry Potter paraphernalia, but there’s quite a lot of stuff in there.  If you’re a fan, it’s worth a look. 

Well, if you can find it…

[Note: I recently received pictures from Kristen of the trip, but I haven’t yet looked through them.  Nonetheless, I doubt I’d be posting any of them, because I was tired and it had been a long trip and I’m not the most photogenic when I’m jumping in the air whilst trying to propel myself forward.]

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