Abbey Road, My Dear Watson

If you are a geek, do yourself a favour and travel with other geeks.  Even if you’re not geeky about the same things, you’ll both be able to appreciate it when you both geek out over things.  It’s fun to travel with geeks.

Our first day in London, Kristen and I decided to hit up 2 places that we both really wanted to see – Abbey Road (for her), and 221B Baker Street (for me).  Thankfully they were both pretty close together and it was a beautiful day for walking.

Abbey Road Studios
Abbey Road Studios

Now, I like the Beatles and I’ve listened to their music, but Abbey Road was never a “must-do” in my mind.  I probably wouldn’t have gone here if not for Kristen – but, as usual, I didn’t mind coming along for the ride.

The wall in front of the studios is marked with lyrics, which is pretty cool:

"And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make"
“And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make”

We even walked across the famous crosswalk a couple times (much to the chagrin of the motorists).  There were quite a few people walking back and forth, stopping traffic.  If I drove in London I’d never go down Abbey Road.

There are footprints on the crosswalk showing where each person was standing when they took the picture for the album cover.  It’s fun to walk across and try to match up your steps.

After that it was off to….

tee hee hee....
tee hee hee….

I started watching “House MD” (mostly because of Hugh Laurie) and I’m a big Sherlock fan, but it wasn’t until I started reading the original Sherlock Holmes Stories that I realized how much I like Sherlock Holmes.  Also, once you’ve read the originals you start to see how much like Sherlock the character of Gregory House is.

[Side note: House MD does go on a bit long – season 8 was mostly a write-off for me, except for the last few episodes.  …and I may have screamed “Reichenbach Fall!” during the last episode, even though I was the only person in the room…]

I love how there's a museum for a fictional character...
I love how there’s a museum for a fictional character…

That being said, we didn’t go into the Museum itself (for a few reasons), but we wandered around the Gift Shop.  It’s an interesting shop, and I could have purchased a good many items, but in the end I settled for a magnet (my current souvenir item of choice).

I’m currently trying to read my way through the Sherlock Holmes series (preferably in chronological order), and I think that next time I’m in London I’ll likely go through the museum.

And yes, I did have a big geeky smile when we got off the Tube at Baker Street Station:

Little Sherlocks!
Little Sherlocks!

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