It’s Not A Trip To London Without The British Museum

[It’s (Canadian) Thanksgiving Day today!  I cooked up a right scoff yesterday so today I get to laze about and eat left-overs.]

With the exception of my very first trip to London (waaaay back in 1999), I’ve gone to the British Museum every time.

Why?  Well, it’s free.  So why not?

Also, I really like stuff – and there’s a lot of stuff in the British Museum.

Also, it's very pretty.
Also, it’s very pretty.

I enjoy milling about the Greek and Egyptian areas.  I always take a look at the Rosetta Stone (because it’s awesome), and I always take a picture of this temple.  3 visits, 3 pictures.


I think it’s because on my first visit I took a picture of this temple and I didn’t particularly know what it was (I thought it was interesting).  Then, when I went back again I saw it and took another picture.  Now I just take a picture every time.

It’s fun to have some kind of constant when you consistently travel to a place.  Like, going to New York and always taking a picture of Times Square.

Another thing I like about the British Museum is that I always find something new.  It’s so damn big that I never get to see all of it in one trip, but I always stumble across something different that I didn’t know was there.

My first trip I found swords and skulls.  My second trip I found clocks and timekeepers.  My third trip I found a bit of Easter Island.

A bit smaller than I had imagined.
A bit smaller than I had imagined.

Because the museums are free (although you can give a donation if you like) you don’t feel pressured to see everything.  You can simply see what you want to see and then wander around for an hour or so.  I like wandering – wandering leads to stumbling upon things you never would have thought to look for.

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