And Then We Walked

Oh dear heavens, did we walk.

On our second day we decided to go for a walk around London.  Now, the walking wasn’t the hard part – we’re both really good walkers (who previously climbed the Giant’s Causeway and Arthur’s Seat …or at least tried to).  The hard part was the sheer amount of walking (plus the fact that we had done a lot of travelling in the past 2 weeks).

Our route
Our route

We started at Westminster Tube, crossed Westminster Bridge, and walked along the South Bank.  We passed by the London Eye and the National Theatre, heading to the Globe Theatre, before going back to the Millennium Bridge.  (Pause for a quick lunch at Pret, eaten outside on some steps.)  Then we walked to St. Paul’s Cathedral, before walking down Fleet Street and towards Covent Garden.  From there we moved to Trafalgar Square and, subsequently, to Piccadilly Circus.

We only sat down twice on that trek – once for lunch, and then outside Covent Garden while we tried to figure out which show to see that night.

After we reached Piccadilly Circus we backtracked to Trafalgar Square, where we visited the National Gallery.  By that time our dogs were barking (and by “dogs” I mean feet and by “barking” I mean were really really tired and sore).  During our visit to the National Gallery we sat a lot, before hiking back to the Circus.

Other than our sore feet (and our slight exhaustion), we had a great time.  It was a lovely day.  I even managed to get a bit of a sunburn.

We considered going on the London Eye, but the line was so long that we didn’t want to waste our day waiting.  Then, while at the National Theatre, I tried to see if there were tickets for Othello, but the show was sold out [of course it was, everything the National Theatre does is amazing].  Instead of taking tours of the Globe Theatre and St. Paul’s Cathedral we visited the gift shops.  As I mentioned before: it costs to go on tours but not to look at the gift shop (money-saving tip number 1!).

I have quite a few photos from this trek and, since this post is long enough, I’ll wait until Monday to post them.  So stay tuned!

Also, check in on Wednesday when I teach you how to play “What’s Going On?” (the game Kristen and I played to kill time until our show that evening).

Happy weekend everyone!

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