Beautiful Brixton

On my last trip to London I stayed in Earl’s Court. This time Kristen had friends who lived in Brixton, and they were awesome enough to let us stay with them.  They were in a residential area close to a train and the Brixton Tube, so travelling was easy.

See that cafe?  We ate there.
See that cafe? We ate there.

On our first day (i.e. night, since we arrived around 7pm), we had supper at the Cafe Provencal.  It was a nice cafe with good food and good banoffee pie.  There are a lot of pubs and gastropubs around here, which means you’ll never go hungry.

Brixton also has a nice park, where a lot of people jog.

Look at that topiary.
Look at that topiary.

We went for a walk through the park, and saw M & E’s favorite brunch place (I don’t remember the name, but it’s best to make reservations).

M had been kind enough to make us a map of directions to the place both from the train and the Tube.  One of the first times Kristen and I took the Tube back alone (after some theatre), we got a bit turned around.  We were standing at an intersection, looking confused and forgetting about the map, when someone who lived nearby (he was literally about to go into his house) asked where we were headed.  We said the street name, but he hadn’t heard of it.  So we gave him two nearby streets (I’m a nerd; I remember streets), and he recognized one of them.  Then he gave us directions, because he was helpful and awesome.

Seriously though, every time I’ve been lost in England I’ve found the most helpful strangers.  Thank you English, for helping us confused Canadians.

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