Adventure Time!

[Come on grab your friends, we’ll go to…  Oh, right…  Sorry about that.]

There was a day in London where Kristen and I hung out with M & E (our gracious hosts).  On that day I saw many things in London that I had never seen before.

What did we do?

We visited the London Bridge Market!

This may or may not be the right picture, but it's a market, so it's close enough  (photo by Kristen)
This may or may not be the right picture, but it’s a market, so it’s close enough (photo by Kristen)

Man that market was crowded.  We could barely see any stalls, but I think I saw vegetable and meat stalls, so I assume it’d be a good place to purchase groceries.  We went to a stall for chorizo sandwiches, which were amazing.  I think the place is in the Zagat Guide (just don’t ask for the name of it – you’ll probably be able to find it by the line up).

Then we went for a beer and a sit-down while we considered what to do next.  This is one thing I like about London – having a pint at 1pm.  Not to get drunk, but just because.  If I drink at 1pm in Canada I feel like an alcoholic, but in England I don’t (which is weird, especially since I’m not a big drinker).

We finally decided to go to Greenwich and see the Greenwich Median, which I’d not visited before.  It’s pretty far East of London, which would mean a really long Tube ride.  To save time we decided to use a different mode of transportation:

boatboatboat!   (pretty sure this photo was Kristen's, also)
boatboatboat! (pretty sure this photo was Kristen’s, also)

You get a good view of Tower Bridge when on the Tames Clipper.  Also, it’s fast.

Tower Bridge, straight ahead!
Tower Bridge, straight ahead!

We got to Greenwich in quick time and went somewhere that was close to the Cutty Sarkthat may have been an information centre or something (I can’t find any info about it online, but it had a gift shop and a tea shop).

After spending a bit of time at that place (whatever it was), we went up the hill to the Royal Observatory.  You have to pay to get in and see the median line, and Kristen and I figured that we’d gone all the way there so we might as well go in.  It was only £5 for students to enter, which wasn’t too bad of a price.  M & E stayed outside, enjoying the nice weather (which would soon turn not-so-nice).

View from the top (about 15 minutes before it started raining).
View from the top (about 15 minutes before it started raining).

There are some things to see once you’ve paid admission (the dolphin sundial for example), but the big draw is the line.  Lots of people line up to get their picture taken at the line.  Kristen and I were no different.

Standing in the middle.
Standing in the middle.

After Kristen and I spent a bit of time here, we decided it was time to find M & E and leave.  We walked down to Greenwich, opting to take the train home instead of the Clipper.

On our way to the train we found Greenwich market, which we strolled through (it was less crowded than the London Bridge Market, so it was easier to stroll).  This market is more artsy and snack-foody.  We bought treats and then found our way to the train station.

Once we were back in London it was time for supper then off to the theatre – two things I’m very familiar with.

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