Time For Hal-Con!

This post is going to be short (as well as late).  Why?  Because today is the first day of Hal-Con – Halifax’s celebration of all things geeky.  It’s the 4th year of the Con and it’s grown considerably from its first year.

I’m volunteering this year, so I’m going to be run off my feet (but in a good way).

There are awesome stars, such as:

  • Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars)
  • Jewel Staite (Firefly)
  • Peter Davidson (Doctor Who)
  • Garrett Wang (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • J. August Richards (Angel)

Plus there are authors, comics, panels, blanket forts, Q & As, Geeks Vs Nerds, the Most Dysfunctional Writers Panel Ever, adult origami, and an entire floor dedicated to gaming.  It’s going to be fun times!

What are you up to this weekend?

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