Self-Portraits in the UK

I normally don’t like having my picture taken.  It’s not so much a “camera will steal my soul” thing, as it a “why do I have that strange expression on my face” thing.  I usually look like I’m in the middle of transforming into a dinosaur.

…Actually, scratch that – that would be pretty cool.

But traveling with a friend means that they can take pictures of you, and you can have proof that you stood there!

Chillin' in Loch Lomond
Chillin’ in Loch Lomond

Or you can have them take a picture as proof of your obsessions with cannons:

Defending Stirling Castle
Defending Stirling Castle

Or they can take pictures proving that you are a thoughtful and benevolent ruler:

"I will consider your offer, kind Sir."
“I will consider your offer, kind Sir.”

(Until someone crosses you, that it)

Or, if you’re not traveling with someone (or even if you are), there’s always the ol’ fallback of the Self-Portrait via Shiny Things!

This picture looks familiar...
This picture looks familiar…

Happy Friday, everyone!

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