Adventure Time – Cardiff Edition!

When I planned my trip to London in 2011 I was very aware of how close I was to other cities.  In as little as 2 hours the train could take me to Cardiff, and the Chunnel could take me to Paris or Brussels.  The world was my proverbial oyster.

Except…  I don’t speak French very well.  It would have been different if someone else was with me, but alone I’d be… well… alone… in a different country where I didn’t speak the language…  Just imagine getting injured in France and not being able to describe how you’ve been hurt, especially when the only word you can remember is the word for head, but it’s not a head wound and you’re only confusing the hospital staff, who probably all know English, but refuse to speak it, like that guy at the ticket window – what a jerk…

So Cardiff it was!

Paddington to Cardiff Central!  Yeah!
Paddington to Cardiff Central! Yeah!

I was super psyched about visiting the Doctor Who Museum, right up until the moment I learned that it was close for renovations.  Thankfully I discovered this before I went to Cardiff.  Seriously, people, do your research (otherwise you might end up at the Louvre on a freaking Tuesday, grumble, grumble).

But I went to Cardiff anyway, because why not?  Why not go someplace new on your own?  Why not go to a place you’ve never been before?

Who knows… today Cardiff, tomorrow Japan?

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