How Are Your Photography Skills?

I think I mentioned before that every time I’ve been to London (excluding that short trip in 1999), I’ve gone to the British Museum and taken a picture of the caryatids.  Well, it’s Monday and I’m tired, so I thought I’d make today’s post an easy one:

So let’s compare and contrast these photos!


A bit dark, perhaps...
A bit dark, perhaps…

Taken with no flash, with my very fist digital camera.  I think this proves that once upon a time I had no idea how to take pictures.


Oooh, an off-centre picture!
Oooh, an off-centre picture!

Much better this time around, right?  You get the whole picture, with a bit of the blue background.  Of course, there is that large sun beam on the lower portion…



Third time’s the charm, eh?  The whole thing, the proper lighting (except for a much smaller sun spot).  You also get that lovely blue background (much better than the picture from 2011).  Now if only those people weren’t in the lower right corner…

Maybe I should go back for a fourth try…

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