Christmas Traditions

My tradition on Christmas used to be very different when I was a child.  My sister and I would wake up early, go downstairs and look at the tree and all the presents.  Then, if I’m correct, we’d open up our stockings and promptly eat some of the chocolate inside.  After that we’d wake our parents, and the two of us would organize the gifts, setting up different piles for each person.

These days, though, my tradition is to sleep in.  It’s great to spend the holidays around friends and family, but this year I’m going solo in Halifax.  I’ve been working my butt off (the theatre had 2 shows on Christmas Eve and has 2 on Boxing Day), so my only real day of rest will be today.

So this year my tradition involves sitting on the couch and playing with my cat.  Thankfully some of my past traditions have included movies and TV shows.

Such traditions include:

This year, though, I’m thinking of adding a few new movies/specials to the mix:

There are other shows that I might bounce around.  Maybe I’ll watch the Christmas specials for QI or Never Mind The Buzzcocks.  Maybe I’ll re-watch some Big Fat Quiz Shows in preparation for The Big Fat Quiz of 2013.

I’m also planning on cooking up a scoff, and baking cookies, but it’ll be a low-key Christmas this year.  I’m actually looking quite forward to it.

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