The First Thing I Saw In London

It’s probably been mentioned before, but this trip to London in 2011 was my very first solo vacation – let alone my first solo flight across the Atlantic.

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It had been a while since I’d been in London.  I was staying in Earl’s Court, an area I’d never been to before.  I’d used Google Maps Street View to familiarize myself with the street I was staying on (you might call it cheating, but I call it being prepared).

Besides, this trip happened about a month after the London Riots.

So I was quite happy when I came out of the Earl’s Court Tube Station and saw something very familiar to me:

Where's the Doctor?
Where’s the Doctor?

It put a smile on my face (which was nice at 6am – an hour I’d rather sleep through).  The sight of that police box made me feel as though I’d made the right choice to stay in Earl’s Court.  Surely the Doctor was nearby.

Sadly, I did not spy a man running around London with a sonic screwdriver, and nobody introduced themselves as “I’m the Doctor”.  Maybe next time…

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