Staying In Earl’s Court

First thing: there is no Earl in Earl’s Court.  Unless you’re travelling through London Below.

Earl’s Court is that delightful area where I saw the TARDIS (or possibly just a random police box).  It’s also in Zone 1 of the Tube map.

I stayed at the Boka Hotel, which had re-opened and was re-modeled.  I found a deal on and discovered that the good reviews outweighed the bad – but for only £50 a night I could deal with it.

In all, my stay at the Boka Hotel was great.  The location was amazing (it was only one street away from the back entrance to the Tube station), it was close to a Post Office, a Greggs, and a Tesco-Express (or whatever it’s called).

The room was small, but it was big enough for me – and the bed was a double.  It also had a mini kitchen, if I felt like cooking or having a cuppa.  I had a tv (yes, I watched some Countdown), and a personal bathroom.  Not bad at all.

Not a particularly wide room.
Not a particularly wide room.
Of course there would be a kettle.
Of course there would be a kettle.

My only complaints were that it was cold in the room (it was September), and that the shower curtain didn’t reach all the way to the floor, so I had to put a towel on the floor to soak up the water that escaped.  Honestly, these were minor gripes.

Oh – and my room came with complimentary breakfast each morning (a nice way to save money).  It was early, so I missed it on the days I slept in (I was on vacation after all), but it was a hearty way to start the day.

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