Lee Evans – Roadrunner Tour

I was really excited, because Lee Evans was doing a show while I was in London!  I remembered watching him on Just For Laughs, and then in The Fifth Element, and then I found his XL Tour.  I also saw a production of Endgame in 2004 because he was in it.

His show was at Wembley stadium, and as I didn’t much care about tennis I’d never been to Wembley before.  I’d Google-mapped directions to the stadium, but it’s still a bit disorienting to come out of the Tube, into a place that you’ve never been to before and then have to try to find your way.

I decided to re-use a plan that had worked for me many times before (like finding Yankee Stadium and finding the U2 concert) – Follow the crowd.

I guess I should head in this direction...
I guess I should head in this direction…

This turned out to be a great plan, because I almost went to a different large building, but turned right at the last minute, because that’s where all the people were going.


One of my favorite things about Lee Evans is that he’s so energetic during his shows that he has to change suits during intermission, because he’s sweat right through them.

I wasn’t particularly close to the stage, but there were screens.  The only problem was: do I watch him for all his actions or do I watch the screen for all his faces or do I try to watch them both at the same time in a frantic tennis-match-style-watching?  …Hey, tennis – Wembley…  I get it now.

At the end of the show he did his customary song, and I noticed people around me getting up and leaving.  I was staying for the whole thing.  And boy, was that a great decision.  After his song, Lee Evans treated us to one of my favorite bits of his:

Bohemian Rhapsody.

I saw that live…  Oh yes, I saw that live…


For more Lee Evans Comedy (swears and all):

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